Rift Vask Sandpapir
AJ! a tear...
well this is possible to fix!
Wash away dirt on the area,
you have to fix .
See to that the area is totally dry
before you start.
If necessary: wash with spirit.
Rub carefully with sandpaper,
so the area is rugged and
the glue will stick properly!
Klipp Lime Lime
Cut the patch so it will cover
the tear.
(Around 2 cm outside the tear).
Glue. You can use ordinary Superglue.
There are many types of Superglue, so
pick the one that suck onto
the material.
Or you can use glue for bike-tire mending.
Add glue, both to the area with the tear, and onto the patch.
Press Bakside Ferdig
Put pressure on the glued patch and.
hold for a while with your hand.
Or putt the glued area
under pressure under something
heavy ex. a stack of books,
until the glue has dried.
If you want to stengthen the teared
area even more, you can glue a patch
onto the backside of the tear too.
Now your Playwader is waterproof again! :)